Wednesday, April 23, 2014

spring autumn new old found lost ... art

Welcome dear reader, those who are here a long time and those newly arrived ... a warm hello from Tasmania.  Autumn is back in a lovely cool, clear morning with blue skies and the promise of sunshine.

Dont forget to comment on this post to be in the running for a little foundart -

there will be two pieces to send out - i found them in the bottom of my handbag when i returned from Tokyo.  i had put one aside for Teri, a collector of my works, and then found the other 2.  so please put in a comment so i can send these little pieces out into the world.

Dusting and cleaning up in the gallery since its been closed up for a few weeks.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Collage a day Tokyo trip #11


i have been exploring my favourite subjects online ... while cleaning up the gallery and office space - got a little dusty while i was away 

Its freezing today ... Grey rain all day
I don't actually mind as I am a feel the heat enjoy the cool kinda person ... But
It seems instant .... I was looking forward to more, many more cool mornings/cold nights and warm sunny in-betweens before winter arrives.

Today feels like winter fast tracked .... 
Could I blame the pause in studio works on the rain?   
and i am so angstee about getting going in doing work ... 
Looking forward to works resuming.
Sunflowers as you can see are going into seed bearing mode .... I have my eye on it while I collect the last of ripening tomatoes and silver beet.   I shall save sunflower seeds for next planting.

So, to enjoy winter on its way and process ....
and those explorations online.... lets see - my pinterest is probably the best way to show you
i am chomping at the bit to get going in doing doing doing ... art
printmaking - love the printing teddy bear ... am enjoying the possibilities of gelli plate printing and linocut

She is the rain ... by Shana Jamesshe-is-the-rain-2meg.jpg (600×872)
and this one too is lovely - Trike
Recent linocut by Shana James "Trike" 
cat linocut by Rowanne Andeerson  she has a great range on her site ...
lovely pieces where a lot can be learned about linocuts ...
Cat Linocut Print... ersimarinas workroom - I follow her and her works via her website  .. there are lovely prints of late  ...
ersimarina's workroom ersimarina's workroom 

 luverly stuff.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Collage a day Tokyo trip # 9

Easter wishes AND A giveaway

Wishing you each and your families a Happy Easter whichever way you celebrate.

I am taking this opportunity to have a little giveaway.

I returned with 3 of the foundart Tokyo series in my handbag. One is promised to Teri so there are two to giveaway.  Tell me in 10 words or less what art, doing it, living with it, supporting it means to you.

I will pick 2 to send one of the pieces each and a little something else.  Anywhere in the world.

It ends in 10 days time when I will advise winners.  Two winners will receive by snail mail, one of the foundart pieces and a little something else that i will send with it.

The intent and pieces of Foundart Tokyo series has been recorded in this blog with links to previous foundart series conducted in  Switzerland, Launceston, Italy and Bali. They are under the label 'foundart' on the front page of Gina'sEye

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A breath taken

Home a few days now ... Haven't done a thing except sleep extra and reconnect with my surroundings. Miss them already yet Always nice to get home.

Plants at summers end are looking great ... Love my new clematis which has taken off.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Just not crazy enough

As you would know, dear reader, I have had the opportunity and a great privilege to spend time visiting my family in Tokyo. It's been a whirlwind of days exploring a huge, foreign city, finding my way around the streets and communication and spending time with family.

As if the daily overload of Tokyo was not enough we finished my stay with two days
 visiting Disney Land and Disney Sea. We were 3 adults, 1 child under 4, 1 child under 3 and a three month old baby.

It couldn't have got any crazier but so much fun, I don't know how to express it. There will be photos for months to come as the trip gets processed.

Now on my last day and will be travelling for 12 hours on my way back home from Tokyo to Tasmania.

I am so lucky today, my last day, to have found some Japanese Sumi ink and handmade Japanese paper....that beautiful light kind for woodcut printing.  Luverly.

A few pics from D world as I head out the door.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Collages 7&8

These postings up to here are the first 8 of 14 completed ... The first two have changed slightly since first posting them but all the others feel finished.  Will post the next lot soon .... Meantime I am creating when I can.  The plan was a collage a day but as always I just can't do that ... I work in series and complete a. Undue at a time .... My hope was I was to be away for 24 days so I should have 24 collages based on a collage a day (even though I do a fee every day or three), but even that has had to go according to time constraints and busy days so my nights are exhausted contentment.

Tokyo City Adventure in a day (3 cont...)

You can follow what happened the day I caught the train to go explore Tokyo City in previous postings.

This was just another small adventure to finish off the day ... 

1.54pm - collapsed into a chair in the gallery coffee shop.  A scone and Vienna coffee coming .... The chef came out from behind the bench of the kitchen and gave me a blue rose and said "souvenir origami from Tokyo".    So nice ....   He presented it on a saucer with a complimentary duo biscuit and chocolate.  When I left I asked for the chef and thanked him for the thought and told him the rose was going back with me to Tasmania Australia which brought a cheer from onlooking staff.
Came home to the apartment completely satiated with art, people and small acts of kindness to a foreigner.  A few pics on way to catch train back.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Collages 5 & 6

Tokyo City Adventure 3

Continued from the previous post ....
Walked one direction and noticed on the other side of the highway the Bridgestone Art Gallery. Decided to walk a little further and cross on the overpass so I can take photos and head for the art gallery.  And 1.5 hours later I couldn't find it ... I think I went off on a side street to take. Photos on that overpass and then forgot to swing back onto the street I was on.  So I went into a small cafe to have an orange juice, go to the loo and ask directions to gallery.  No one knew what I was talking about. 

So began An adventure in Tokyo proper ....  I hailed down a taxi to take me to the art gallery I had seen.  I couldn't get into the taxi without manoeuvring my handbag, jacket and umbrella, getting stuck, dropping things and apologising a lot.  We discussed where I wanted to go but the taxi driver and I could not understand one another.  I wrote it down and showed him, still no sign of recognition so I said "never mind take me to Tokyo station". That he understood and repeated "Tokyo station" twice to make sure we both were on the same page. 

2 minutes down the road I saw the gallery .... I am telling the taxi driver and pointing at the building, saying "art gallery " over and over again.   He stops and I keep pointing ... He lets me out (taxis in japan have automatic doors worked by the driver) and just before he is about to drive away I realise I don't have my camera and can see it on the floor of the taxi.  I am tapping on the window and pointing; the driver is shaking his head and opens the door again, I retrieve my camera with an overly effusive thank you and as I step back onto the kerb the driver is still shaking his head.  As he drives to the traffic light we are both pointing at the building and nodding.

I start to walk toward the entrance of the really big building and as I reach the corner, the next minute "my" taxi driver is in front of me ...he had turned the corner and parked his taxi ...he ushered me to the window the of the building and we both read the lettering together, me in English and he in Japanese .... It was to advertise the exhibition and then he repeated it in English and had me repeat in Japanese, after him.

In my mind it looked like a rerun of Monsieur Hulot' holiday.  M. Hulot's Holiday (1953) -

But it didn't end there... The lovely taxi driver made me stand in front of an outdoor sculpture and took my photo.  So sweet.  The "movie" finished with us both waving each other away .... Me into the gallery and he on his way in his taxi in the middle of a bustling Tokyo centre.

The gallery was everything and more I could have wanted. You, dear reader will have gathered this from my postings.

 This was the sculpture where he took my picture ... It's on the canon which I will download when I get home ... All these pics I haven posting on my trip are taken on the ipad.
So let's look a little at Tokyo City during my walk around ....
Sakura in the city

One more post on Tokyo City to go.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tokyo City adventure ... Continued

Thursday 4 April 
10.16am on the train to Tokyo.
Arrived 15 minutes later.   An hour later having an orange juice in a small cafe off the main stretch.

The station is not called Tokyo Station City for nothing. It's huge with restaurants, clothing stores, fresh produce, fancy cakes and specialist chocolates.  I did think I could just stay there and explored.  That moment passed and I chose a street exit, any street.  

The city is gigantic ... Really huge, tall buildings, jam packed, many lane highway, traffic non stop occurs to me that Meguro is more like Switzerland and perhaps Tokyo like New York.

Found a fantastic tiny antiquities shop .... My goodness, the beautiful tea ceremony items which they specialise in were just wonderful ... The cheapest item was AU$500 and I t was relatively new.  The item I loved the most was a stand with a top metal spike - for a candle I was told - it had a crackle glaze, of green and beige colouring, with two small bowls ... Looking a bit like a mini fountain with three legs and the feet were cat paws, I was told.  Just beautiful .... AU$5000 favourite piece ... The other was a beautiful hand made bowl for tea, with hand drawn goldfish around it .... 150 years old.  ...... To be continued.

A bit more on the art gallery ..... And a few of my favourites.
Shojiro Ishibashi, the founder of Bridgestone Corporation, established this art museum in 1952 to display his personal collection. The collection of this museum - which holds a wide variety of exhibitions - also includes 20th century Western paintings (mainly Impressionists such as Monet, Renoir, and Cezanne and Post-Impressionists) and contemporary Japanese artists of Western-style paintings, such as Takeji Fujishima, Shigeru Aoki, and Sotaro Yasui.

  Beautiful Raoul Dufy
Love the free flowing feel of paint and brush strokes ... Love those black lines
Jackson Pollock piece was great to see in real time .... Filled with texture, collages bits, lots of colour and those fabulous deep black marks and brush strokes .... It goes without saying that the trademark drips were there .... I was surprised to find it was a small piece.  

Loved coming across the Brancusi piece and another surprise it was made of plaster. It must have been the prototype, I am guessing.

  Oh yes the Degas were fantastic
There were a few bronzes, a couple of drawings and some wonderful wonderful pastels .... The look so fresh and the mark making is so vibrant ... Loved it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

That co-op style gallery in Omotosando, Tokyo

The hallway on one side in a small section had doodles on the walls, some of the hand rail and partly on the vinyl tiled floor .... Raised vinyl pattern I might add.  Very effective, I think.

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